I pulled Jess Redman’s Quintessence from my bookshelf on Christmas Eve, and this book turned out to be everything my heart needed during winter break. It is a brilliantly crafted magical quest– one that reveals truths about anxiety and emphasizes the importance of friendship and self-discovery. Alma is an unforgettable character, and her Alma-ness mightContinue reading “Quintessence”

A Festive Reflection

Over the weekend, I took a virtual flower arrangement class through Alice’s Table. Friday evening, beautiful blooms and a surprisingly small vase arrived in a box on my doorstep. There were hydrangeas, red roses, gunni eucalyptus, cedar branches, dusty miller leaves, and hypericum berries. Don’t let me fool you. I did not know all ofContinue reading “A Festive Reflection”

Siblings Are Childhood Loves

Sibling: noun. each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister. Michael was a childhood love. He was bright blue eyes and an infectious laugh. He was a gentle hug and plenty of mischief. Michael was a childhood love. He was a game of lavaContinue reading “Siblings Are Childhood Loves”

SOS Magic: What Stifles You?

My steps are padded by the pine needles beneath my feet. I simply trust that Sam knows where he is taking me. He shares his story about the time he once spent in this place. I imagine how we are absorbing the scene much differently. My eyes climb the sight of ivy trailing up theContinue reading “SOS Magic: What Stifles You?”

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