Siblings Are Childhood Loves

Sibling: noun. each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister. Michael was a childhood love. He was bright blue eyes and an infectious laugh. He was a gentle hug and plenty of mischief. Michael was a childhood love. He was a game of lavaContinue reading “Siblings Are Childhood Loves”

SOS Magic: What Stifles You?

My steps are padded by the pine needles beneath my feet. I simply trust that Sam knows where he is taking me. He shares his story about the time he once spent in this place. I imagine how we are absorbing the scene much differently. My eyes climb the sight of ivy trailing up theContinue reading “SOS Magic: What Stifles You?”

Talk About It Tuesday: Mental Health is Health

Saturday was World Mental Health Day. Today, I stamped our community meeting with the name “Talk About It Tuesday” and declared health as our topic of the morning. What my students don’t know is that my family history is filled with mental health conditions — depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, mood disorders. This is aContinue reading “Talk About It Tuesday: Mental Health is Health”

Exercising Writing Muscles

“Writers, you wrote two stories at home last week! Let’s begin to get our writing spaces ready by putting our eyes on those pieces.” Some writers immediately reached into their desks. Others had to scurry out to their lockers. Then, there were the two writers who had nothing at all. I scanned the room asContinue reading “Exercising Writing Muscles”

The (Virtual) 4Q Fam Farewell

Truth be told, I can be a stellar procrastinator. Each year, I have some large job that is still waiting to get checked off the list during the early preparation hours on the last day of school. Not this year. By yesterday afternoon, final sentiments were in order, remote learning reports were downloaded, final e-mailsContinue reading “The (Virtual) 4Q Fam Farewell”

#MeetSomeoneNewMonday Saves The Day!

Sometimes, students get stuck. Sometimes, we have an immediate solution. Yesterday was one of those times for me. Even in our online space, fourth grade is lingering in the beautiful mess that is Biography Project. It is truly a celebration of all that our students have learned as readers and writers. This week, our learnersContinue reading “#MeetSomeoneNewMonday Saves The Day!”

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