Small Wins

The Monday after February vacation, we gathered in a teammate’s room for a curriculum meeting with our literacy specialist. She began by sharing a slide that read “Million Dollar Question: Are my efforts resulting in anything that matters?” I think everyone in the room probably had the same initial reaction…it doesn’t feel like it. Nonetheless,Continue reading “Small Wins”

A Festive Reflection

Over the weekend, I took a virtual flower arrangement class through Alice’s Table. Friday evening, beautiful blooms and a surprisingly small vase arrived in a box on my doorstep. There were hydrangeas, red roses, gunni eucalyptus, cedar branches, dusty miller leaves, and hypericum berries. Don’t let me fool you. I did not know all ofContinue reading “A Festive Reflection”

SOS Magic: What Stifles You?

My steps are padded by the pine needles beneath my feet. I simply trust that Sam knows where he is taking me. He shares his story about the time he once spent in this place. I imagine how we are absorbing the scene much differently. My eyes climb the sight of ivy trailing up theContinue reading “SOS Magic: What Stifles You?”

The (Virtual) 4Q Fam Farewell

Truth be told, I can be a stellar procrastinator. Each year, I have some large job that is still waiting to get checked off the list during the early preparation hours on the last day of school. Not this year. By yesterday afternoon, final sentiments were in order, remote learning reports were downloaded, final e-mailsContinue reading “The (Virtual) 4Q Fam Farewell”

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