SOS Magic: What Stifles You?

My steps are padded by the pine needles beneath my feet. I simply trust that Sam knows where he is taking me. He shares his story about the time he once spent in this place. I imagine how we are absorbing the scene much differently. My eyes climb the sight of ivy trailing up the brick walls. My memory captures the blanket of fiery leaves upon the grass. I notice how the sunlight glistens in the late afternoon. The cool air sneaks into the sleeves of my sweatshirt. I am refreshed. I am at peace. I am enjoying our togetherness.

We are in the same place at the same time, literally walking the same path. Sam, however, is excited about the well-trained dogs brushing up against our legs. He is sharing stories of friendship, weaving in his well-loved humor. He is eager to reach a specific destination.

We are in the same place at the same time, literally walking the same path. Our stories of this time are unique yet both worthy of sharing.

I am sure someone has tried this before. I have read so many posts about this topic. These writers are much more experienced than I am. What more could I possibly contribute?

I am stifled by my longing to be unique. I am stifled by thinking my voice may not be as valuable as all of the educators before me. I am stifled by my own self doubt.

In this moment, I am reminded that our experiences are unique. Perhaps someone has shared about a particular topic before, but we are all educators working towards common goals. Maybe we are even teaching the same thing at the same time. But, our stories are unique and worthy of sharing.

Today, I choose not to be stifled. Today, I share my story.

I’m joining an open community of writers over at Sharing Our Stories: Magic in a Blog. If you write (or want to write) just for the magic of it, consider this your invitation to join us. #sosmagic

Published by Melissa Quimby

Melissa is a 4th grade teacher in Natick, Massachusetts. She can often be found with an iced coffee and middle grade novel in hand! Connect with her on Twitter & Instagram - @QUIMBYnotRamona.

7 thoughts on “SOS Magic: What Stifles You?

  1. I can relate to the self-doubt, to the idea that someone somewhere has spoken of this very thing before; how I can I think to do it in a unique or even interesting way? It definitely stifles the writing spirit. Yet you created an opening scene so vivid that I am there with you and Sam and redness of the leaves and the sun and coolness, the distinctiveness of a beautiful autumn day that you lived and breathed. I saw it all, even your own feet, through your eyes – and that makes it unique, indeed!

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  2. Melissa,
    This is powerful writing. I’m rereading it, trying to figure out how you crafted it in a way that pulled the tension through my heart. I could relate, often wondering what do I have to add to the professional body of work, while at the same time I wanted to scream: “No, Melissa, don’t listen to those voices! Your voice is needed right now; it is fresh and wise and a breath of fresh air.”

    I am glad you are resilient and choosing not to be stifled. I’m glad you are letting me cheer you on.
    Shine on,

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  3. Your narrative of what stifles you really resonated, and your repetition of the uniqueness of every person’s viewpoint was so powerful. I’m glad you kept writing!

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  4. Loved how you used the power of three in your piece, especially this one: “I am refreshed. I am at peace. I am enjoying our togetherness.” Those lines make me take a deep breath! Thanks for sharing your words with us!

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